Tiered Cookie Pricing - The pricing below provides a general guide of how we price our cookies.  These are the starting points for prices. 

Basic Starting at $40/ dozen
1-3 Basic designs and/or shapes
1-3 colors
Simple details (no air brushing, no hand painting)

Detailed Starting at $45/ dozen
1-4 designs and/or shapes
1-4 colors
Noncomplex designs with minimal air brushing, basic lettering,
basic florals

Fine Detailed Starting at $50/ dozen
1-5 designs and/or shapes
1-5 colors
Moderately complex designs with some air brushing, basic lettering, basic florals,
minimal gold and silver details, simple logos

Elaborate Starting at $55/ dozen
1-7 designs and/or shapes or custom hand cut shapes
2-7 colors or more
Highly complex designs, including characters, airbrushing, lettering, hand painting,
gold & silver details, multi-layer icing designs, detailed florals, detailed logos.